african black soap for face

Benefits of African Black Soap for Face Cleansing

African black soap has been used as a natural remedy on the skin and face for centuries. As a recent addition to the all-purpose skincare products, African black soap has been made in West Africa for centuries and comprises natural ingredients such as plantain skins, cacao pods and Shea tree bark. This can be used as is, or as an ingredient in other skincare products.

Let’s look at the benefits of African black soap and what value it adds to your skincare routine.

african black soap for face
Black Soap Can Be Used as Is, or as an Ingredient in Other Skincare Products.

How Helpful Is African Black Soap?

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using African black soap for face and body alike.

It Clears Dark Spots and Reduces Fine Lines

Blemishes on the skin and fine lines can make your skin appear older and worn. To clear dark spots, the coarse nature of the black soap clears off any dead skin on the face, and the coconut oil will boost the generation of new skin cells. The shea in African black soap will repair, strengthen damaged skin and promote cell renewal to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

It Fights Acne and Improves Skin Texture

African black soap for the face is a very effective cleanser. By incorporating this soap into your routine, you can clear any dirt, oil, or bacteria beneath the skin, leaving you with clear pores to take in the toner and moisturizer. By cleansing your skin thoroughly, you get rid of pimples on the face, leaving you with soft glowing skin.

It Has Antifungal Properties and Reduces the Impact of Eczema

Cocoa butter, a natural fat found in African black soap sourced from the cacao bean, is rich in vitamins and nourishes the skin. Cocoa butter works nicely to improve the skin’s elasticity and eases the effects of psoriasis, eczema, and rashes.

Palm kernel oil, another specific product in African black soap, contains lauric acid with antifungal properties. Regular use of the soap as a cleanser will help keep your skin clear of any fungal infections.

It Doubles as a Moisturizer

A skincare product that serves more than a single purpose is a gem to have. Common ingredients in African black soap such as coconut oil, plantain skin and leaves add moisture to the skin, leaving your face well-nourished and hydrated. Coconut oil goes further to reinforce the lipid barrier on the skin to lock in moisture.

african black soap for face

African black soap has a rich dark brown, almost black color, hence the name.

It’s Highly Versatile

The versatility of African black soap is immense; due to the all-natural ingredients used, it is effective for most skin types. People with dry and sensitive skins may find the rough nature of the soap discomforting; however, there are few other known side effects of the African black soap. If the texture is too rough, try looking for products that contain African black soap amongst other, more gentle ingredients.


African black soap is a valuable addition to your skincare routine; it works well as a cleanser and moisturizer. The numerous natural ingredients in the soap are a great indicator of how beneficial products containing African black soap can be. Do you use a product that contains African black soap? What is your favorite?

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