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How To Start Using All-Natural Deodorant For Great Results

Deodorants are essential skincare products, especially during the summer season. When it’s too hot, our skin produces bodily odor which could be a cause of embarrassment for many individuals.  To avoid this social embarrassment, deodorants were created. The question that arises here is what type of deodorant would you prefer to use? Is chemical, artificial or all-natural deodorant your first choice?

Sometimes people use deodorants but end up having other problems due to the harmful ingredients found in some deodorants such as aluminum, glycol, and parabens. These chemicals can give side effects such as allergies in the form of rash and itchy skin and other more serious side effects such as hormonal imbalances and even cancer. Using all-natural deodorant is the safest way to avoid having these reactions and side effects.

It is worth mentioning here that after swapping from aluminum rich deodorant to an all-natural deodorant you won’t guarantee to have your expected result immediately. This could lead to the misconception that all-natural deodorants are ineffective in treating bodily odor. The truth is that our bodies go through a detox phase of four weeks when changing from chemical-rich deodorants to all-natural versions. Give your body time to adjust and you’ll be sure to start seeing the results within a few weeks.

all natural deodorant


Changing to all-natural deodorant can take time as your skin detoxes after the chemical deodorants.

Adjustment Period Before Using All-Natural Deodorant

It is necessary to leave our body to regulate itself on its own by waiting for a couple of weeks before starting to apply all-natural deodorants. This period is essential to get a positive result of the natural deodorant that you will use. Here is a short weekly insight into what happens during the detox phase. 

It will be a mistake to say that you will notice a big difference or change in the first week of stopping antiperspirant deodorant and swapping it with an all-natural deodorant. This is due to the fact that the aluminum ingredient found in antiperspirants will block your pores and prevent your armpits from sweating. It will take more time for the pores to reopen again especially if you have been using chemical-based deodorants since preteen years.

In the second week, you will start noticing an increase in moisture in the armpit area indicating that the pores are open again to flush out toxins which is a normal occurrence associated with an unpleasant smell as a result of bacterial growth in the armpit area. It’s important to know that this phase won’t last long. It’s just a transitional detox phase. To make these phases as convenient as possible, make sure to clean your underarms with a wet towel and dry thoroughly a couple times a day. Don’t use other chemical wipes or products containing alcohol as that will just prolong the process, instead just use clean water.

By the third week, the odor problem and moisture will begin to become less of an issue due to bacteria levels decreasing. That doesn’t mean that the problem will disappear, it still needs more time for underarm sweat to subside. You can start using all-natural deodorant to control the bit of moisture in the armpit area. Wearing natural breathable fabric like linen, bamboo, cotton, and modal can also help lessen sweating.

In the fourth week, your body will be ready to adapt to all-natural deodorant completely. From this week on, it will be easier for a natural deodorant to work its true effect on armpits. With persistent daily use, all-natural deodorant will absorb the sweat produced, leaving no nasty smells on your body.

This whole process of a natural detox will take time depending on each one’s hormone and stress levels, but you should start seeing results after a month.

Natural Detox Tips

Another way to ease the detoxification process is to follow these natural tips while at the same time waiting for the four weeks to pass. 

  • Exfoliating: you can exfoliate your armpit by using a dry brush to drain the lymph nodes. Do so gently from the outer part down to the bottom towards the breast.

  • Baking soda baths: This bath is a mixture of bicarbonate and sodium ions. It dissolves completely in water and is often used for oral hygiene and cleaning products. It helps remove bacteria, acidity, and odors

  • Soaking in a warm bath helps in sweating and getting rid of toxins from the pores. It is essential if someone is unable to take baths every day to shower daily using natural soap ingredients and rub the armpit area smoothly for one minute. This will stimulate the glands in the armpit and help open the pores for better detoxification.

  • Cleansing: before applying an all natural deodorant, make sure that the armpit area is very clean. Apple Cider Vinegar or Witch Hazel can be applied separately on the armpit area using a cotton ball or a spray bottle. This way, you will naturally eliminate all bacteria and get a neutral odor before applying your all-natural deodorant.

Final Thoughts On All-Natural Deodorant

As seen above, detoxification is an essential step before applying an all-natural deodorant. If detoxification doesn’t take place properly, then the all-natural deodorant experience will be a disappointing one. That’s why giving the necessary time and preparation for our body to heal from the toxic effects of chemical deodorants is important. For many, it is an unpleasant process to go through, but as time goes, you will realize that it was worth the effort and patience because you will guarantee that only natural elements are working their magic into your pores.

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