best foundation for dry skin

Best Foundation For Dry Skin Made From Natural Ingredients

The wrong foundation for your skin not only makes it look lifeless and can cause a lot of discomfort and irritation, it also makes you look older than you are. This can be made even worse if you struggle with dry skin. The good news is that there’s a solution to this, which involves using certain types of foundation made from natural ingredients. 

Lack of moisture can cause dry, rough, and flaking skin. When you add stress, you increase your risk for premature aging, break outs, and itching. I am here to help you find the best foundations made with natural ingredients.

Top Foundation For Dry Skin Made From Natural Ingredients

Makeup is a great way to enhance your natural beauty. However, finding the proper foundation for your skin type can be daunting. If you have dry skin, it’s essential to look for natural ingredients that will not clog your pores or cause irritation to your skin. There are many different types of foundations on the market today, so finding one that works best with your skin type will help you achieve the look you want without any adverse side effects.

This article will give you some tips on choosing the best foundation for dry skin made from natural ingredients.

Reviews Of Best Foundation For Dry Skin Made From Natural Ingredients 

Dry skin can be frustrating, but there are many things you can do to make it better. My dry skin journey wasn’t easy. It led me to find my perfect skincare routine. Like any process, it started with research, which included a lot of trips to the local store and long hours reading product labels and customer reviews online. Here is my list of the best foundations for dry skin.

best foundation for dry skin

bareMinerals Barepro Performance Wear Foundation

  • bareMinerals Barepro Performance Wear Foundation is a long-wear liquid foundation. This lightweight, medium-to-full coverage formula delivers up to 16 hours of consistent color that's water-, smudge-, and transfer-resistant and wears all day comfortably.

    Foundation For Dry Skin

This foundation provides a smooth and seamless full coverage finish lasting you all day. The liquid formula is powered by mineral lock long-wear technology, so it instantly locks in the good-for-skin ingredients you want, including bamboo stem extract and papaya enzymes. The result is natural-looking luminous skin that feels as fresh as it looks.


  • Convenient packaging
  • Buildable coverage
  • Natural finish
  • Good for skin tone
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Long-lasting
  • Doesn’t dry out skin


  • Limited color choices

barePRO Performance Wear liquid foundation delivers all-day coverage with a clean mineral formula, so your skin can breathe comfortably. With a built-in, skin-perfecting mineral complex, this foundation helps diminish the appearance of imperfections without drying out the skin or settling into lines and pores.

best foundation for dry skin

Jane Iredale Beyond Matte 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation

  • Jane Iredale Beyond Matte 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation is a proper skincare foundation with three functions that include the benefits of a primer, foundation, and powder. This silky liquid formula helps conceal fine lines and wrinkles while it controls oil, reduces shine, and gives the skin a velvety matte finish while protecting the skin from harmful UV rays thanks to its SPF 8 formulation.

    Foundation For Dry Skin

The foundation gives you a super matte finish with a lightweight feel. You can maintain a velvety, soft-focus look all day long with its non-drying formula that won't clog pores. It will not oxidize and go from fresh to flat after application. Buildable medium coverage provides concealment of imperfections.


  • Enriched with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera
  • Protects skin from dryness
  • Reduces shine from the t-zone
  • It covers imperfections, blemishes, and discolorations
  • It can be used as a skin primer
  • Gluten-free, vegan friendly, and cruelty-free


  • Limited shades

This multitasking liquid foundation combines the benefits of a primer, concealer, and foundation in one convenient tube. The buildable formula provides medium to full coverage, blurs imperfections and pores, and leaves skin looking naturally smooth.

best foundation for dry skin

Juice Beauty Cream Compact Foundation

  • Juice Beauty Cream Compact Foundation is talc-free with a buildable, medium coverage formula to even skin tone. Broad-spectrum SPF 30 protects from damaging UVA & UVB rays and leaves a healthy radiance.

    Foundation For Dry Skin

This foundation provides medium coverage with a semi-matte finish. It is cruelty-free and vegan, infused with a botanical blend of certified organic juices rich in antioxidants to nourish and rejuvenate the skin naturally. This fantastic foundation compact powder is silky smooth and talc-free. The anti-aging and hydrating formula helps conceal redness, imperfections, and blemishes while leaving the skin healthy and hydrated.


  • Ultra-smooth
  • Lightweight
  • Provides a natural silky finish
  • Provides high protection from damaging UVA/UVB rays
  • It can be used as a concealer


  • It takes a bit longer to set than powder foundation

Juice Beauty Cream Compact Foundation with Vitamin C and Fruit Stem Cells is a full coverage foundation that provides buildable, natural-looking coverage in a cream compact format. This rich, non-irritating powder foundation brightens the complexion and helps camouflage imperfections for flawless-looking skin.

best foundation for dry skin

100% PURE Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation

  • 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation is a natural makeup foundation that contains no synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, or any other toxins. Made with all-natural skin-nourishing vitamins and antioxidants from fruit pigments and raw coconut, this liquid foundation provides full coverage and SPF 15 protection while treating your skin with healthy non-irritating ingredients.

    Foundation For Dry Skin

This is a 100% pure foundation made with skin-loving ingredients like pomegranate oil and acai berry. Ideal for normal to dry skin types, this lightweight, demi-matte moisturizing formula provides medium coverage that feels comfortable throughout the day and evening.


  • Uses fruit pigments to provide light to medium coverage
  • Control how much you put on (adding more for more coverage)


  • It may not be very buildable if you are looking for fuller coverage

With this foundation, you get radiant, healthy, natural-looking skin and coverage that lasts all day and won't clog your pores or cause breakouts. The pure fruit pigments create vibrant, natural color while nourishing and protecting your skin with powerful antioxidants.

best foundation for dry skin

ILIA Natural True Skin Serum Foundation

  • ILIA's Natural True Skin Serum Foundation has a lightweight feel and a glowing, dewy finish. This low-pigment, plant-based formula is packed with hydrating and healing ingredients like rosehip oil and evening primrose. This foundation is ideal for anyone seeking an alternative to loose powders for long-lasting, buildable coverage.

    Foundation For Dry Skin

This is a lightweight foundation with buildable coverage, featuring ingredients that promote the appearance of healthy skin. Getting ready has never felt so good. The foundation builds from a barely-there natural glow to medium coverage in seconds. This serum-like formula is created with noni extract, which softens skin and reduces redness. This formula also blends effortlessly into the skin for a luminous finish.


  • Easy to apply
  • Natural
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Easy to blend
  • Medium-full coverage (buildable)
  • Dewy finish
  • No dryness


  • None I can think of

This True Skin serum foundation offers seamless, buildable coverage with a lightweight feel and natural satin finish. Achieve medium coverage in seconds and customize to full coverage by layering where needed. The weightless formula blends effortlessly, delivering active skincare benefits alongside pigments with potent botanicals, hyaluronic acid, and non-nano zinc oxide.

best foundation for dry skin

W3LL PEOPLE Natural Narcissist Foundation

  • Natural Narcissist Foundation is the first all-natural, full coverage foundation from W3LL PEOPLE. Developed specifically for women with more complexions to match, this 100% cruelty-free formula smooths on effortlessly and blurs imperfections with soft-focus minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. It is infused with Aloe Vera, Vitamin B & E, and Lutein to nourish, protect & heal the skin.

    Foundation For Dry Skin

From W3LL PEOPLE, the award-winning cosmetic brand with the purest ingredients and highest ethical standards comes a revolutionary new foundation. This mineral-based, non-toxic foundation was formulated to be an ultra-fine, lightweight powder that feels weightless on your skin, offering natural coverage for all of us non-professional beauty addicts.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Small batches
  • Preservative-free
  • Formulated with organic aloe and green tea


  • The smell can be off-putting to some

Narcissist stick foundation is a new product designed to give you an expert look. This creamy foundation with medium coverage blends in easily and lasts all day, giving you everything you love about well-executed makeup without the need for layers of products.

Why Are Foundations for Dry Skin So Popular?

When choosing any product for your skin, keeping your skin type in mind is essential. By searching for a foundation specifically for dry skin you ensure that you won’t use a product that will cause adverse reactions. Foundations for dry skin are so popular because they’re easier to blend than foundations for oily skin. Foundation for dry skin is also less likely to get caught in the cracks and crevices of dry patches, and it’s less likely to require constant touch ups.

When your skin is dry, it tends to look flaky, patchy, and dull. The foundation helps to cover those issues in a way that lets you still see through them. But if you have oily skin or combination skin, the foundation might make your t-zone look shiny or accentuate the color variations between your forehead and cheeks.

Top Tips for Picking The Best Foundations for Dry Skin

Your makeup probably isn’t doing you any favors if you have dry skin. Whether it’s making your skin look patchy, flaky, or just plain old dried out, it can feel like the proper foundation is something of a unicorn. And we get it—we’ve been there too.

We’ve compiled this list of our top tips for picking the right foundations for dry skin as a way to make your makeup routine easier, more fun… and more gorgeous!

And bonus: they’re all super easy to follow!

  1. Look for oils in the ingredients
  2. Check the shade range (and test products on bare skin)
  3. Know what you want
  4. Always exfoliate (and moisturize!) before applying foundation
  5. Consider the coverage level you need

What Sets These Foundations for Dry Skin Apart from Others? 

You can’t have a complete makeup routine without a good foundation, and there are plenty of great foundations to choose from. But if you have dry skin, finding the right one is critical. The wrong foundation can make your dry skin look even drier and flakier than it is, which is not the look most of us aspire for. The best foundations for dry skin will leave your face looking dewy, smooth, and natural—and won’t accentuate any dry patches or flakes you may have.

A couple of things set these foundations apart from other ones on the market. First, they’re more moisturizing than most foundations, meaning they don’t suck the moisture out of your skin like some formulas do. And second, they’re formulated with ingredients that help lock in moisture, so your face doesn’t dry out throughout the day.

How We Picked Our Top Selection? 

When I was looking to find the best foundation for dry skin, I had a few criteria in mind. I needed my top picks to work well on sensitive or combination skin since many people with dry skin are prone to irritation.

I wanted those with good coverage to use as concealers and foundations. I also wanted the top foundations for dry skin to be easy to blend and layer for a natural look.

What Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Natural Foundations for Dry Skin? 

Quality of Ingredients

Your skin needs the best nutrients, so the quality of ingredients is essential. Look for natural skin products that contain vitamins A, C, and E and other nutrients that promote healthy skin. Also, check if the item contains parabens and phthalates because these chemicals are harmful to your skin.

Purity of Product

Some products that claim to be organic may not contain organic ingredients. To ensure the purity of your product, always look for the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) seal on the packaging. Products that do not have this seal are not certified organic by the USDA and may not be pure or effective.

Skin Compatibility

Make sure that you buy a suitable product for your skin type. Some foundations are made for dry skin, while others are formulated to treat oily skin conditions. If you have acne or other skin problems, it would also be best to consult with your dermatologist before using any foundation product on your face.

Final Thoughts

The best foundation for dry skin will likely depend on several factors. It’s important to try products out and see which one suits your needs as an individual. If you wear makeup every day, it might be worth a little extra effort to find one that will match your skin type. Let me know which foundation works best for you or if you’d like me to review any products for you.

FAQs About Foundations for Dry Skin

Which are the best foundations for dry skin?

Finding the best foundation for dry skin can feel like an impossible task when you have dry skin. It's not enough to look for moisturizing properties; you also want a foundation that won't cause other issues, like clogged pores and breakouts.

Is it advisable to use primer for dry skin?

The benefits of primers are clear, but should you use them on dry skin? The answer to this question depends on what type of primer you're using, as well as your skin type. If your skin is naturally dry or feels tight and itchy, then primers might be the trick to solving these issues.

Are matte foundations efficient for dry skin?

At first glance, this may seem to be the case. However, other factors must be considered. For instance, the unique properties of matte foundations can cause issues for those with dry skin. Matte foundations contain specific ingredients which can make skin appear flaky and patchy when it is already dry. Those in need of matte foundation should be scanning cosmetic labels to watch out for specific ingredients that may exacerbate their dryness. Some common culprits include alcohol and silica.

Is a water-based foundation effective for dry skin?

Water-based foundations might be effective for dry skin. However, they can't replace other kinds of moisturizers. Your first choice should always be a regular moisturizer, no matter what your skin type might be. Water-based foundations do have some effectiveness towards dry skin but aren't intended to take the place of proper moisturization.

What happens if my face is dry after using foundation?

If your face feels dry after applying foundation, it's likely because you haven't correctly moisturized before applying your foundation. Remember that moisturizing is the first step in the beauty routine for a reason – it hydrates and prepares the skin for all other subsequent steps.

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