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What Are the Best Subscription Boxes for Natural Beauty Products?

Subscription boxes are always a fun surprise, getting new products delivered to you every month. There are many subscription boxes available on the market today, each with unique brands and different qualities. These monthly and bi-monthly options deliver different products and items, from daily skincare to makeup. We’ll cover the top boxes you should subscribe to and why they’re worth purchasing.

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Top Three Subscription Boxes for Natural Beauty Products

Subscription boxes can seem an odd choice when you’re purchasing beauty products, especially natural ones. However, they can be a great way to try out new products to find the ones that work for you. These subscription boxes can also make a great gift for friends or family who love natural skincare.


Here are the products you’re likely to find in these subscriptions and how they benefit your skin.


Cleansers are a common occurrence in beauty product subscription boxes due to their versatility. Cleansers are great for removing makeup, oils, dirt, dead skin cells, and other pollutants from your body. Additionally, there are face-specific cleansers that help keep your pores clean and your face free from breakouts.


Lotions are a fantastic product to receive monthly. These help keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Using a lotion will ensure your skin doesn’t crack and can help maintain its elasticity and soothe or prevent minor skin irritations.


Masks are everyday smaller items you’ll find in some natural beauty product subscription boxes. These are small films you apply to your face that serve various purposes. Depending on the mask, these can hydrate, moisturize, exfoliate, or dry your skin. These items are great for helping ingredients, and their properties penetrate deeper into your skin.

Reviews of Natural Beauty Product Subscription Boxes

These are the in-depth take on the top three natural beauty product subscription boxes currently available. We look at the unique aspects of each service and what makes them worth your money.

best subscription boxes

Blue Heron Farm

  • Subscription Box for Natural Beauty Product

Blue Heron Farm subscription boxes contain natural bath products such as soaps and lotions. While the variety doesn't change, every product is hand-crafted and made using goat milk. The service offers a variety of boxes to pick from soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, and combination options.


  • Hand-made natural products.
  • New scents each month.
  • Free shipping.
  • Plans that start from $8 per month.


  • Delivery can be delayed due to goat-related issues.
  • Only ships within the US.

Blue Heron farms offer natural products made with goat milk. Each month delivers the same selection of bath beauty products but in a new scent.

best subscription boxes


  • Subscription Box for Natural Beauty Product

We have been using Earth Harbor Naturals products for a while now and have been impressed with them. This is a mask made from 100% natural ingredients designed to remove impurities and clear up acne-prone skin. It is vegan and cruelty-free, which is important in a beauty product. The mask also contains probiotics, which help to restore the skin's natural pH balance. It also contains Vitamins A, C, and E, which allow the skin to stay moisturized.


  • High-end products.
  • All items are certified as vegan, organic, and cruelty-free.
  • Large selection of products.
  • Perfect for dry, ageing, and dull skin.
  • Ships worldwide.


  • Higher cost than most subscription boxes.

The box offers a taste of Italian beauty delivered six times a year. Laguna ships every two months and delivers over $300 value of beauty products. Each box is packed with high-end options to build your skincare routine.

best subscription boxes


  • Subscription Box for Natural Beauty Product

BirchBox is an affordable natural skin care subscription box that ships globally. Every month you'll receive a box of sample-sized beauty products ideal for testing and finding your next favorite lotion. Each crate is based on your custom beauty profile.


  • Sample sizes that are ideal for trying new products.
  • Affordable at $15 per month.


  • Small sample sizes aren't suited for everyone's needs.

BirchBox delivers curated monthly samples based on the items in your beauty profile. The boxes are affordable and start at $15.

Why Are Beauty Product Subscription Boxes So Popular?

Subscription boxes offer an exciting opportunity each month to unpack a new set of items. These services can list the items you’ll receive or leave them to a mystery until you open the box. This act of receiving new products every month makes subscription boxes popular.

However, beauty product subscription boxes offer an easy way to try new products each month. You’ll quickly find cleansers, creams, and other items that match your skin type and are effective.

Top Five Tips for Natural Beauty Product Subscription Boxes

Since subscription boxes offer a variety of products and come in many forms, here are the top five tips to know when handling them. If you know what products you’re looking for and watch for promotions, you’ll find great boxes that are affordable and give you everything you want. Additionally, being willing to try new products and cancel boxes you dislike will broaden your horizons and may yield your new favorite face cleanser.

Know the Products You Want

Going into any natural beauty subscription service, you need to know what type of products you want. Various subscriptions are available, from options that offer new creams every month to body washes and cleansers. This knowledge will also help you choose which tier to sign up for if the service offers multiple choices.

Try New Things

Don’t be afraid to try a new product; you may just fall in love with it. Subscription boxes are a great way to discover new things, a statement that’s valid for natural beauty product subscriptions. Trying a different brand or even a product you’ve never used before, such as an eye cream, offers the chance to improve your appearance and skincare experience.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cancel

If you don’t find a subscription service to your liking, don’t be afraid to cancel it. You won’t miss out on anything you can’t find from a different service or your local stores. Pick up a subscription box, give it a try, and cancel it afterwards without any worry.

These services are a fun opportunity that you shouldn’t let yourself get locked into unwillingly.

Watch for Promotions

Many subscription services offer promotional deals on holidays and at specific times. You may find an offer pop up as you’re cancelling your current subscription. Promotions can come as discounts or a free included gift such as an additional product or a small carry bag to hold all your beauty products while travelling.

Great for Gifts

Subscription boxes make for great gifts, offering surprises and reliable delivery dates. However, if you receive a product you don’t plan to use, regifting it to a friend or family member is easy to prevent wasting the product.

What Sets These Natural Beauty Product Subscription Boxes Apart from Others

Each natural beauty subscription box we’ve reviewed is unlike others available on the market. Whether it’s the unique selection of samples on offer or the hand-crafted bath options from Blue Heron, each curated box offers something new and unique.


We selected three different boxes with exciting premises that set them apart from other subscription boxes. All of these options are curated with a thought-out selection of products. The unique premise of each service we reviewed delivered a variety of products specific to the service.


Each of the boxes we’ve listed offers high-quality products that you can trust to care for your skin. All the products offered are natural and will care for your appearance. Laguna especially delivers high-quality products every second month that are worth more than the cost. BirchBox and Blue Heron Farms offer high quality but affordable beauty items.


Each box we reviewed offers a unique experience to discover. BirchBox delivers a monthly set of samples to help you find your new favorite products, while Laguna offers high-quality items at a higher price. Blue Heron Farms delivers handcrafted bath products created with goat milk that help rejuvenate and care for your skin.

How We Picked Our Top Selection

When looking for the best natural beauty product subscription boxes, we examined a handful of factors. We looked at the reliability of the service, their ratings from other customers, and what products they offered. These three factors play an important role when deciding what the best box is and should be considered before buying a subscription yourself.


We looked at how reliable a subscription is and if the products are delivered on time. Subscription boxes with natural beauty products that arrive late can have various issues. Damaged products that are leaking or have expired due to their ingredients don’t make a service reliable.

Customer Ratings

We inspected customer ratings to check if the service had any other noteworthy issues, such as frequent shopping delays or false advertising of products. None of the subscription boxes we listed have had any issues and have positive ratings from their customers.

Products Offered

One of the most important factors we considered is the variety of products offered in each subscription box. A subscription that only sends cleansers or moisturizers wouldn’t be as helpful as those that offer various products. We also looked at the value of the products you receive for the price you’re paying, and none of these boxes is cheaper if bought in-store.

What Factors to Consider When Buying Natural Beauty Product Subscription Boxes

Buying any subscription box is tricky, and natural beauty product boxes are no different. You’ll need to consider pricing, the products offered, delivery time, and the frequency at which you’re sent a crate of these supplies.

Subscription Frequency

Depending on the service you choose, the boxes will ship once a month, every second month, or in some cases, every third month. Reading up on each website and viewing the frequency is essential. It’s extremely easy to sign up for the wrong subscription and receive items every month when you only want them delivered every second month.

Delivery Time

Once signed up for a crate, you’ll need to wait for it to get delivered. Knowing how long this takes and the day you’re expected to receive the box is essential. Knowing when the delivery is due to happen helps you keep an eye out for its eventual arrival.

Products Included

Knowing what to expect when ordering a subscription box is a must. If you don’t use the supplies you receive, it’s wasteful. Look for a subscription that offers the products you’re looking for each month to avoid receiving items you’ll never use.


Generally, most subscription boxes offer better value than the cost you pay for them. However, a $20 box won’t contain beauty products worth $300. Pay attention to the cost of the service and the minimum value of the included items each month. In some cases, it may be cheaper and more worthwhile to purchase the products you want from the store.

Final Thoughts

Subscription boxes are a monthly bundle of surprises, and these are great for your skin and beauty. Once a month, you’ll find a small selection of products delivered to you, changing each month and giving you a perfect chance to sample new creams and cleansers. These are a great way to test the waters but can have their own risks.

Always do your research about the subscription box service. Let us know if you’ve ever used a subscription box service for beauty products by leaving a comment.

FAQ About Natural Beauty Subscription Boxes

The following five questions ask relevant details you should know when considering a subscription box for natural beauty products. Here you’ll find out what the main beauty products are for day to day use and how these boxes work. Additionally, we explain how to cancel a subscription with almost all of these services.

What are the main beauty products?

The main beauty products you should use daily include cleansers, eye cream, moisturizers, and makeup removers. These four items are commonly used every day, helping you keep your skin clean, healthy, moisturized, and reducing the effect of aging.

Is soap a cosmetic product?

Soap is a cosmetic product, one of the oldest and most essential in our day to day lives. Items such as soap and toothpaste still affect beautifying and cleaning your body.

How do subscription boxes work?

Subscription boxes work by sending you a selection of predetermined products on a regular schedule. Often these are once a month, with the products inside relating to a theme or idea. Natural beauty product subscription boxes contain a handful of valuable items such as cleansers and moisturizers.

How do I cancel my subscription box?

To cancel almost any subscription box, head to your account details, select your subscription, and click the cancel options. Some services may offer compensation, such as discounts or free addons to keep you subscribed. However, if you click through these offers, you'll quickly unsubscribe from the box.

What is in a natural beauty product subscription box?

While each subscription box offers different products, most of them contain at least four different items. Commonly, these items include cleansers, creams, moisturizers, lotions, and other general beauty supplies. Generally, these natural beauty product subscription boxes are cheaper than the total value of each product alone.

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