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What Makes A Good Natural Body Wash

We all want to have soft skin after having a shower every day. To get this result, we need to have a good quality body wash. In other words, it has to be made of natural ingredients. By saying natural ingredients, we aim to have a product that is free of chemicals and preservatives. A product that is purely derived from natural extracts.

A good natural body wash should nourish and moisturize your skin.

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Ingredients That A Good Natural Body Wash Should Not Have

Who doesn’t want a product  free from toxins, parabens, and allergens that could cause serious health problems long term?

Good natural body wash doesn’t make your skin irritated upon being used. Irritation comes in different forms such as dryness, itchiness, and redness. The best natural body washes are the ones that contain natural ingredients that will moisturize your skin.

Good quality body washes don’t have foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate. Fragrances and perfumes are also among the ingredients that good natural body washes don’t have since these can cause skin reactions and asthma. The more natural the ingredients, the better for the skin.

Alcohol is often found in body washes because it helps to de-grease oily skin. Alcohol is very drying and promotes redness and irritation by damaging the skin’s protective barrier. You definitely don’t want this ingredient in your natural body wash.

Look out for petroleum- derived ingredients like DEA (diethanolamine), TEA (triethanolamine), and MEA (monoethanolamine).  These chemicals disturb the skin hormones after  being absorbed by the skin.

Ingredients of A Good Natural Body Wash

As mentioned above, a good natural body wash will keep your skin moisturised, nourished, and healthy without stripping it of its natural oils. Natural ingredients will be the best ones to get the mentioned desired results.

Green tea extract, coconut oil, olive oil, lavender oil, honey, shea butter, and glycerin are rich in vitamins and the best ingredients for smooth and healthy skin. They can also help treat a range of skin conditions such as eczema, skin rashes, and sunburn.

Outside factors like air pollution do have their bad effects on our skin by damaging it when we are exposed to the air. Natural body washes made of essential oils and other components that nourish the skin are rich in antioxidants and fight the free radicals that might damage the cells and cause premature aging and wrinkles. So, antioxidants which are available in the majority of natural body wash products, are a key requirement for having a healthy skin.

It’s a misconception that is spread among many that natural body wash products are costly. The answer is not really. One can still find toxin-free body wash products that are affordable with great healthy benefits for the skin at different stores. It’s a challenge nowadays to choose the best body wash for our bodies. With all the tempting ads offering different types of body wash products that we see everyday it can be confusing. Nature in a bottle is neither difficult to find nor costly. It’s all about spreading awareness about the benefits of natural body wash. Wake-up calls are needed here.

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