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coconut butter

What Are The Benefits Of Coconut Butter?

Coconut in the form of oil or butter is a frequent component of soaps and creams and is high in vitamin E, so it is healing to the skin. However, coconut oil is comedogenic, so it should be avoided on the face if applied topically. Coconut butter proves itself as a great discovery of the 21st century due to the multitude of its benefits to our skin, body, and hair, let alone other nutritional values. Join us as we explore the use of coconut butter and the benefits it has for skin.

How Is Coconut Butter Used?

Coconut butter or oil is a common carrier oil when mixed with essential oils. Therefore, it is largely used to make hair masks and body scrubs, including DIY versions. It is also a famous ingredient among commercial cosmetics, like body creams, soaps, lip balms and even toothpaste. 

coconut butter
Coconut butter and oil is a common ingredient in natural skincare products and has many benefits.
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Major Benefits Of Coconut Butter

Here are the benefits of coconut butter.

Acts as a Natural Skin Moisturizer 

Especially for dry skin, coconut butter is a great moisturizer; due to its thick and creamy texture, it nurtures the skin and penetrates deep layers. Also, it promotes skin elasticity and fights free radicals to maintain a youthful complexion and prevent cellulite. That is why it is commonly used in body lotions and scrubs. Applying it regularly by massaging your body a little can have a glowing effect on your skin and ensure its firmness. 

Protects the Scalp and Promotes Hair Growth

Widely used in hair masks, coconut butter is perfect for massaging the hair and treating a dry scalp. Likewise, you can apply a small amount of coconut oil on dry hair ends to bring them back to life.

It Helps Damaged Skin to Heal Faster

Lauric acid found in coconut butter fights effectively against bacterial growth. Also, it is a great source of collagen, which is an important component that speeds up the wound healing process. It assists cells to the site of the wound, boosting tissue growth. Thus, it is a good solution for a tattoo or laser aftercare or a minor skin injury.

It Is a Rich Source of Healthy Fats

Consuming coconut butter in moderation can increase the HDL (good) cholesterol of the body and thus reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. You can replace your unhealthy fats by using a teaspoon of coconut oil or adding coconut butter into your smoothies and spreads instead of other fats such as margarine, which will ultimately benefit the skin. If you were trying to ditch fats completely, remember that consuming a complete diet with carbs, proteins, and healthy fats is essential for the health of every organ, including the skin, the human body’s biggest organ.

Whitens Teeth

As an ingredient of many toothpastes, coconut oil is popular for its whitening properties, especially coping against spots left after consuming tea and coffee.


We have seen many benefits of coconut butter and oil; thus, we can conclude that it is not only a nutritious item but also extremely useful for skin and personal beauty products. Now you have all the weapons to use coconut butter in your DIY recipes. Check our blog posts regularly to find out more!

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