Difference Between A Concealer And Foundation

Having a smooth flawless face is the goal for many women and men, and what better way to do this than with natural concealer and foundation. There’s still a dilemma of what comes first between foundation and concealer while doing make-up.

When used well, foundation and concealer can give you glowing skin covering all dark spots and blemishes. Even though they are commonly used together, foundation and concealer serve the skin differently. Let’s explore the differences between concealer and foundation for your skincare routine.

When To Use Concealer or Foundation in Skincare Routine

Let’s take a look at which comes first – concealer or foundation? We’ll also cover how to apply each and their specific benefits.

Start With Foundation

The first thing to start with when doing your makeup is the foundation. By applying foundation first, as the name suggests, you’re creating a smooth surface to work from.


The first step in applying makeup is to use foundation.

  • A Buffer Against Contaminants

When used as a base, foundation acts as a barrier against contaminants such as pollen, dust, and dirt in the environment that can damage the skin. You can choose between a light or medium coverage of concealer to begin your makeup routine. We advise building up on shades that feel too light until you are confident you have adequate protection.

  • Evens Out The Skin Complexion

When used in the proper shade, foundation will leave you with radiant skin with consistent color all through. However, when using even a natural foundation with full coverage may expose mistakes made when applying. In our opinion, it’s best to take time to perfect the application procedure as the radiance is a pretty good trade-off.

  • Covers Up Large Pores

Foundation, especially the type made from natural ingredients, covers up the gaping pores in the skin that may take in dirt or unwanted contaminants from the environment. Applying a great shade of foundation will also lock in moisture keeping your skin hydrated all day. Properly hydrated skin will keep wrinkles and premature aging at bay for a confident glow.

Foundation and concealer can be used together to create a radiant canvas for the rest of your makeup.
  • Acts As A Base For Your Makeup Routine

Every good routine starts with a good foundation. Striking just the right shade of foundation will disguise blemishes and dark spots on the face. Just like a good piece of canvas, you can make great art with the rest of your procedure once you get the base right.  

Dab Concealer To Compliment Your Look

Concealer is used to cover any imperfections left after applying foundation.

  • Works Well To Cover Stubborn Spots

Even after putting on a great shade of foundation, some spots and blemishes never go away completely. Hence, concealer steps up to cover up these imperfections. A color-correcting natural concealer will serve you best as the goal is to cancel out the color of the spots and blemishes. You can use green concealer formula to cover up pimples, while a blue concealer will best cover up dark circles.

  • Brings Out Prime and Fuller Lips

For a great pout, a good dab of natural concealer is your go-to option. The trick is to carve out your lips after doing your foundation but before you put on lipstick. Dab a small amount of concealer around your lips with a fine tip lip brush. Be gentle and use the reverse-lining technique to bring out the illusion of fuller lips. You can use your fingertips, but a fine tip brush perfects this step. 

  • Highlights and Contours Your Face

When used correctly, concealer can help you achieve that glow you’re after. Choose a concealer pencil two shades lighter than your natural skin tone and sweep it around your cheekbones to blend.  You can also use natural concealer shades to bring light to other features of your face that enhance the coveted glow. Your brow bones, the bridge of your nose, and the T- Zone are prime areas you can highlight.

  • Hides Fine Lines and Covers Dark Circles

Fine lines on the face appear naturally. We recommend using a buildable concealer formula to cover them up while maintaining a natural look. With your ring finger, pat in a few dots under the eye gently so as not to leave lumps under the crease lines.

Some dark circles require more than a shade of foundation to disguise. Concealer works magic in waving bye to annoying circles, especially after a long night. A brightening natural concealer makes the area around the eye look more awake by acting as an optical illusion. Now you can go out looking fresh and ready for the day. 


Build your foundation and conceal it. Foundation works best to form a protective layer on the skin while concealer effortlessly polishes up any imperfections that may remain. Using the two in just the right amount will have your skin looking flawless for that natural confidence booster. Having natural ingredients in the two products also assures maximum protection against harmful elements and environmental contaminants. In my opinion, your makeup routine will leave you looking much better if you capitalize on the differences between concealer and foundation to come up with a winning combo.

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