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How to Choose a Good Natural Face Wash?

Face wash is an essential part of your daily skincare routine. However, finding the right product for your skin is a challenge. Trying to find a natural face wash can be even harder as there’s a smaller selection to choose from. However, picking a natural product is great for your skin and can aid with blemishes, redness, and skin irritations.

Throughout this article, we’ll explain what makes a quality natural face wash and which ingredients to look out for and how they help keep your face clean and healthy. We’ll also explain how to identify your skin type and which natural face washes will work well.

Picking a Natural Face Wash

A natural face wash helps clear your pores, reducing acne and keeping your skin free of oils that cause it. The product includes no harsh chemicals as all its ingredients are from nature. This lack of chemicals helps you clean your face with less irritation, redness, or other reactions that damage your skin. However, these are still prone to containing allergens. If you’re looking for a natural face wash, you should always consider your skin type, what additional benefits you need from your face wash and any potential allergens.

Skin Type

Your skin type plays a massive role in what product you should use, from face washes to moisturizers and even how you apply makeup. Knowing what skin type you have and what to look out for will make picking the best natural face wash a much easier process. There are five main skin types: 

  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Sensitive
  • Regular

Oily Skin

Oily skin has large and visible pores, with a greasy shine and coating over your face. This layer of oil quickly develops again even after you’ve just washed your face. 

Look for a face wash with oil-control properties. This product should penetrate deep into your skin and purify your pores. The face wash will help regulate any oil on your skin without drying it out completely. 

Try looking for a formula that balances the pH level of your skin. Controlling the pH level reduces bacteria and helps prevent breakouts. Any product with activated charcoal will also help control the oil levels on your face. 

Dry Skin

Dry skin often feels flaky, itchy or tight. You’ll especially notice if you have dry skin during the winter months as it dries out further. 

A product that helps clear away dirt, grime, and other pollutants without removing the natural layer of oil on your skin works best. Look for any face wash with a soap-free formula for the best result, as it’ll leave your natural oils intact. Be sure to use a product with a hydrating factor; ones made with glycerine or essential oils work well for dry skin.

Regular Skin

Regular skin generally has no major issues. There’s no flakiness, redness, or sheen. However, this skin type does suffer from the occasional breakout.

Almost any type of natural face wash will work for this skin type. Any product that can cleanse your skin will work well, and if there’s a benefit such as improved skin elasticity or hydration, it’s an even better choice. Picking a face wash with a hydration effect is a great idea during the winter months if you don’t use face cream already.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is often prone to irritation from many products, especially regular face washes. Shaving and applying creams can trigger redness and irritation on this skin type.

Natural products can help with sensitive skin, as long as you have no allergies to the item. Cleanser with a denser mixture and ingredients such as aloe vera, witch hazel, and other natural anti-inflammatories will keep your skin from reacting. Any product that helps balance your skin’s pH will help prevent a reaction by keeping it naturally hydrated.

Combination Skin

Combination skin shares a few traits with all the other skin types. Generally, this will manifest as an oily zone on your nose and forehead while having drier skin on your cheeks.

The best face wash to use balances your skin’s hydration with a cleanser that can penetrate deeply. This product should help clear away grime and pollutants without ridding your face of its natural oils and moisture. This formula will help protect your skin‘s natural lipid layer, clear dirt away, and keep a healthier level of hydration.


While natural products are free from harsh chemicals that can cause rashes, there’s still a chance you’ll react to the ingredients used. Natural ingredients can cause an allergic reaction. If you’re using a face wash and see your skin redden, you’re likely allergic to one of the ingredients. 

Reading the ingredient label is essential if you know you have allergies. Especially ones that contain essential oils and aloe vera ingredients. It’s important to remember that allergies can develop over time and appear suddenly.

Additional Effects

If you’re looking for an additional effect such as hydration, anti-oil or reducing redness, pay attention to the product’s label and description. Many natural face washes offer such benefits. Ensure that you pick the additional effect that helps your skin type.

Facing the Day Ahead

There are many options to choose from when picking a natural face wash. However, you’ll quickly find the right one if you remember to look for products that match your skin type, have no allergens, and contain any additional effect you need. Natural face wash can help hydrate your skin as you get rid of any dirt or pollutants on it.

Let us know what face wash you use each day and why.

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