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What Makes Hair Serum Different From Other Serums?

Most of us have a thorough skincare routine that may include several steps and different products. On the other hand, we often overlook our hair or give it an occasional washing and oiling treatment and that’s it. This isn’t enough; poorly nourished hair can take away the glow of even the most radiant face. Hair serum comes in handy as the nourishment and remedy your hair needs. So how is hair serum different from other serums?

Hair Serum For Different Textures

Let’s take a closer look at hair serums, and exactly what makes hair serums different from others used on your skin?

What is Hair Serum?

Hair serum is a formulated hair treatment that uses silicone to form protective coatings around your hair strands and follicles. Usually found in liquid form, this product contains concentrated active ingredients and quickly nourishes your hair. However, using a serum for the hair seems not to have caught on, unlike other types of serum.

hair serum

Hair serums are used to provide extra moisture and protection to hair.

Even though it’s not common to many people, hair serum can serve a wide range of purposes ranging from preventive to healing action. You can control frizziness in your hair using serum, reduce tangles, enhance straightness and even protect against damage from styling or environmental factors. 

Let’s take a deep dive into what hair serum can do for you and how different it is from other serums. 

It Works Well For Dry Hair

Sometimes when damaged or weak, your hair may have some strands standing at strange angles. This happens when your hair is dry or frizzy and hence a lot of static charges in the flyaway hairs. A good natural serum that contains seaberry oil, argan oil, and other hydrolyzed proteins can help to counteract the static charge and relax your hair.

Regular use will eliminate the flyaways replacing bad hair days with a natural curly pattern of healthy hair. Argan oil and seaberry oil combine to add weight to the weak strands, relaxing them as the hydrolyzed proteins coat your hair.

Reduces Damage To The Hair

There are several causes of hair damage. The most common include; chemical processing from dying your hair or even straightening it, heat damage mostly from using blow dryers, flat irons, or other hot equipment. Environmental irritants like too much sun exposure or contact with pollen can also damage your hair. Repeated styling sometimes causes mechanical stress on your hair, resulting in damage.

This may sound alarming, but it shouldn’t get you worried. A good serum will keep your hair protected from most damage and even leave it smooth, silky, and hydrated after contact with hot tools. The best is a natural hair serum with hemp extract, honey, argan oil, and jojoba oil.

You should always cover your hair with protective serum before using iron tools.

Keep Your Hair Straight

Great hair serum with smoothing properties works well for silky smooth straight hair. Natural ingredients such as hazel, rosemary extracts, aloe vera, vitamin E, and marula oil are very effective for protecting your hair against excess humidity and heat from styling tools.

The soothing serum tames frizzy hair and hydrates the dry hair strands that otherwise turn into flyaways when used in the right amount.

Enhances Curls In Your Hair

Yes, it’s not a contradiction. Hair serum works for both straight and curly hair. To maintain the natural flare of your curl patterns. A lightweight serum with strong hydrating properties is ideal for treating your curly hair.

A blend of safflower oil and jojoba oil for a natural serum moisturizes your hair as it defines your curls and brings out the shine. The lightweight serum also improves hair elasticity and enhances its softness.

hair serum
Hair serums don’t just benefit straight hair, but can also define your curls.

For A Healthier Scalp

Your scalp should receive as much attention as your hair. After all, it only holds your hair roots and follicles. Taking care of your scalp creates room for healthy hair growth and rids common scalp conditions such as dandruff. Several drops of serum rich in natural ingredients will give your scalp the nourishment it needs.

Biotin boosts hair growth, witch hazel controls oil production from the scalp, and tea tree oil prevents inflammation, redness, and flakiness on the scalp. 

How Different Is Hair Serum From Hair Oil?

Hair oil is designed to go deep past the cuticles into the hair root fiber to repair post styling damage such as over styling or post coloring.  Hair oil mainly comes in a viscous solid and takes much longer to be fully absorbed in your hair.

As we have seen, on the other hand, serum penetrates through your hair much faster; hence you can see the results sooner. Also, it’s used pre-styling or during styling to protect from excess heat, hydrate the hair strands and give your hair a shiny makeover.

While the two are different, they are not mutually exclusive. You can finish off your hair care with a dash of hair oil even when using the serum for styling. Remember to keep the hair oil away from the roots for great results.

The Final Take

Hair serum serves you in different ways depending on your hair type. Like other serums, hair serum contains active ingredients that are absorbed by the hair much faster. However, the ingredients in the latter differ from serums used for your face, hands or other parts of the body, and where they collide, the concentration levels are different.

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