how to create a skincare routine

How to Create a Skincare Routine With a Natural Approach

how to create a skincare routine
Natural moisturizers and face masks can help detoxify and nourish the skin.
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In creating a skincare routine, organization is everything. To maximize the efficiency of your routine or your skin care regimen, it’s critical that the products you use are appropriate for your skin type. Your skin can only be as great as the products you apply to it.

The journey to adapting to a natural routine might seem hard at first, having to consider such things as applying moisturizer prior to washing your face might result in its reduced efficiency and potential clogging of pores.

There is much more on how to create a skincare routine with a natural approach such as the things we eat and how we handle our skin on a day-to-day basis. A balanced diet can aid in the reduction of skin irritation and regular face massages can promote skin collagen, drain lymph fluid, and improve circulation.


how to create a skincare routine

Steps on How To Create a Natural Skin Care Routine

1. Identify Your Skin Type

Identifying your unique skin type might be the most difficult element of determining how to create a skincare routine with a natural approach and your perfect skincare program. At some point, we might think that we have it all figured out but it turns out we have been treating our skin wrong.

  • Oily skin –  If you notice a visible oiliness on your skin or if you frequently have to reach out for tissue paper during the day, you may have oily skin. Avoiding the use of costly skincare products, procedures or prescribed medications by implementing a proper routine. A natural skincare routine for oily skin may effectively lessen oiliness.

  • Dry skin – Humidity, hot baths, arid regions, and harsh soaps may all wreak havoc on dry skin, but it is nothing that cannot be solved by a natural skincare program developed for dry skin. Dry skin usually wrinkles easily, itches, tenses, and often reduces sensitivity.

  • Sensitive skin – The elimination of products with harsh chemicals and a natural skincare routine can help restore a healthy skin layer on sensitive skin. Products like moisturizers, likely to be applied for an extended amount of time, are more likely to create skin problems. Indicating damaged collagen in your skin. Because of breakouts, acne scars can show both irritation and coloration after a spot has healed.

  • Normal Skin – Most moisturizing alternatives work well for those with normal or combination skin, and they seldom need to be supplemented. Normal skin damage may not seem as extensive as the other skin types but it also has its consideration when setting up a skincare routine.

2. Know Your Skin Sensitivity

Product sensitivity varies greatly from person to person, however, it is generally never a good idea to use goods that contain artificial components, parabens, and sulfates. If you start using a new product it is best to do a patch test on a small area of skin before applying to a larger area. Also, new products should be introduced one at a time, giving a week before using another new product. This is so that you can experience the product first and if there is a negative reaction you know which product caused it and can stop using it.

Benefits of Natural Skincare on Skin Type

how to create a skincare routine
Knowing how to create a skincare routine can lead to soft, glowing skin.
Photo by Audrey Fretz on Unsplash

1. Healthy Skin

The most significant advantage of adopting natural skincare is balanced and healthy skin. Beauty care products include toxins that can permeate our skin and then spread through our cells, harming our skin cells and placing us at risk of developing major health problems over time. Natural cosmetics are free of artificial components and harsh chemicals that can harm the health and wellbeing of your skin in the long run.

2. Safe Environment

Chemicals included in non-natural skin care products can have a negative impact on the environment. They can produce gases that, when discharged, can be dangerous to the atmosphere.

Choosing a more natural skincare regimen ensures that you are using products that work with nature rather than against it.

Types of Products to Use

Your basic skincare kit should contain at least a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. Let’s take a look at the order you should be using your natural care product in to create a healthy routine.

Cleanser – A natural cleanser is at the foundation of every skincare program. Day after day, your skin is exposed to filth, pollutants, debris, oil, germs, and other environmental contaminants.

Washing your face twice a day helps to keep your skin healthy and clear of pollutants. It also eliminates makeup, which is essential for keeping your pores clear.

Exfoliators – Exfoliants should not be used on a daily basis. Once to three times a week is enough to remove dead skin cells and also prevent skin discomfort. Using your cleanser on days when you aren’t exfoliating is recommended.

Toner – Toners are one of the most frequently overlooked stages when planning how to create a skincare routine with a natural approach. A toner may aid in the tightening of pores, the removal of pollutants, and the rebalancing of your skin. It provides an extra clean base for the rest of your products to absorb properly.

The best toners are those that restore pH balance. The best toners are free of benzoyl peroxide, phthalates, alcohol, parabens, and perfumes.

Serum – A good serum may level out the tone. It can lighten the skin, and also minimize the visibility of dark patches. It can also enhance the smoothness of the face, eliminate pollutants, and fill and soften the skin.

Eye Cream – Using an eye cream can serve to protect and restore the delicate eye region. Because ordinary serums and moisturizers aren’t designed to address this sensitive skin, it’s best to use an eye cream instead of attempting to utilize your other products in that region.

Moisturizer – Moisturizer mirrors the body’s natural sebum which is why utilizing products with natural components is the best choice. Moisturizer is efficient in giving you a dazzling, young appearance and keeping your skin adequately hydrated.

Sunscreen – After moisturizing, using sunscreen is the final step in your regular skincare regimen. A natural sunscreen is the greatest way to protect yourself from sun exposure and UV radiation. It helps in keeping a younger appearance and avoiding many of the bad side effects of sun exposure.


Armed with this simple guide on how to create a skincare routine with a natural approach, you’ve started on a journey to better health and skin. Your next step is to start collecting natural products to work into your routine.

Start off with just the basics such as cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. Then slowly start adding the products you need to have your skin glowing and beautiful.

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