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A Look at IRÄYE and Their Revolutionary Lymphatic Skincare Range

Skincare is important, and finding a new product that revolutionizes your daily routine or enhances your beauty further can be a challenge. That’s why we’re looking at IRÄYE, a popular brand with a new way of tackling how we care for our skin. In this article, we’ll explore who’s behind the brand and what their lymphatic skincare products can do for your skin.

Who’s Behind IRÄYE?

IRÄYE’s CEO, Yasmine Cherry, believes that skincare shouldn’t only focus on the superficial and surface appearance. She held a mission for regenerative and cutting-edge products which was realized when she met the co-founders of the brand. Before IRÄYE she worked at various beauty companies, solidifying herself in the skincare industry. Yasmine played a hand in the launch of several best-selling products that are still on the market today.

The co-founders of IRÄYE, Dr Michael Detmar and Dr Epameinondas Gousopoulos have played a major role in developing treatments for various conditions. These include lymphedema, a swelling that occurs due to the buildup of fluid in the body. 

With over 40 years of combined experience in scientific research, the founders at IRÄYE set out to create a skincare range like no other. They believed that for your true beauty to shine through, your skin health and wellbeing was important. As such, they set out to create the first ever topical skincare range that actively supports the health and condition of the skin’s lymphatic system. This is how the world’s first lymphatic skincare range came to be.

What Makes the Brand Popular?

What makes a brand popular, especially a beauty product-related brand, can seem obvious at first. The founders of IRÄYE believe their science-focused products play a major role in skincare. They conducted extensive research to produce the perfect range of lymphatic skincare products. Some of the reasons why the brand is so popular include:

A young woman putting beauty cream, which may be a lymphatic skincare product, on her face.

Visible Results

The Lymphactive Complex from IRÄYE begins to show signs of work after only a few days. Within two weeks the enhanced lymphatic activity beneath your skin flushes toxins and debris. After this cleanse, your skin will appear brighter and more radiant.

Four weeks shows an improvement in vessel function and reduced inflammation and redness. Within eight weeks an observable change with minimal puffiness and swelling is visible. This effect creates a resculpted appearance.

A Science-Driven Desire

The founders of IRÄYE believe that science-focused products will be a major trend in skincare. This belief comes from the trust in evidence and the history of trials. From this trust, new and better support for products will develop. Science-driven may become a buzzword in the near future. This belief sees products similar to IRÄYE grow in popularity. However, the trust towards science-driven comes from the research behind each product.


What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is an important organ system found in all invertebrates, including humans. It forms part of the immune system, and works alongside the circulatory system. Your lymphatic system has various uses and runs throughout your entire body. Keeping your lymph system healthy benefits your skin and body as a whole.

The system clears leftover debris and toxins from your plasma, averaging three liters each day. This leftover is slowly returned to circulation, having seeped into your cells and tissues. Without the process, small swellings can occur on your skin and affect your health and beauty. Over time your lymph system deteriorates, generally starting around the age of 30. It becomes less efficient at removing the debris from your system, which can contribute to skin issues. Often, a popular treatment for the lymphatic system was having a body massage or minimizing cellulite. 

IRÄYE’s Lymphatic Process

The lymphatic process from IRÄYE is three-fold, focusing on boosting, protecting, and purifying your skin through empowering your lymphatic system. Through these three processes, the formula helps develop healthier and more radiant skin that shines on and below the surface.

The process purifies your skin by enhancing the lymphatic condition. This enhancement brightens your skin by cleaning away toxins and waste. The product boosts your skin environment, improving microcirculation, immune function, and nutrient uptake. By removing damaging contaminants your skin is protected, having reduced inflammation and improved drainage. From here, enhanced lymphatics slow the breakdown of collagen and elastin which reduces the damage done to your skin’s structure.

The chin of a woman, who could use lymphatic skincare as she’s marked with red spots and irritated skin.


A Look at Their Products

We’ll inspect two of IRÄYE’s top lymphatic skincare products and examine their use in your daily beauty routine. Each of these items helps to enhance your facial skin and help you stay radiant. The products go beyond focusing only on the lymphatic process, using several active ingredients to boost your beauty. Due to their costs these products aren’t the ideal choice to learn how to use a face cream, instead they’re intended for individuals who want to invest in healthy longerm skincare.

Radiance Firming Serum with Lymphactive

This serum comes in a 300ml bottle at $120 or a 300ml refill at $108. The Radiance Firming Serum serves as a multi-action formula that brightens, contours, and firms your skin. Active ingredients available include triple hyaluronic acid, bio-retinol, and Kakadu plum extract.

Through the drainage of excess water retention in the skin, the product delivers reduced puffiness and helps to visibly shape the skin in a smoother, healthier light. Removing toxins and waste products allows for brighter skin. The product also contains vitamin C-rich Kakadu Plum extract, an ingredient that helps reduce hyperpigmentation and brighten the skin. 

Additionally, through the removal of toxins and inflammatory factors from your skin, the product helps to create visible firmness. The plant-based Bio Retinol helps boost collagen production as the serum works to prevent collagen and elastin loss.

The Cream with Lymphactive

The Cream functions as a multi-action delivering system for long-lasting moisture, a contoured appearance, and enhanced firmness. Supporting the dermal lymphatic system, this cream helps protect your skin from damaging toxins and inflammation. Thanks to the Lymophactive formula, the product also improves microcirculation, nutrient uptake, and immune response.

The product features triple hyaluronic acid which penetrates deep into your skin as it binds to water and helps hydrate your skin for the next 24 hours. Another ingredient, Polyglucuronic Acid, stimulates cellular hydration to tackle wrinkles to give you a smooth and bouncy complexion. Additionally, there are several other great active ingredients, including Kakadu plum extract and Bio Retinols, a retinol that’s gentler on the skin.

Should You Add This to Your Skincare Routine?

The lymphatic system slows down after the age of 30. Even while you’re younger than this it’s worth adding to your routine. However, if age is a factor, you’ll see a more noticeable result from the aid of this beauty product line.

The patented formula used to treat your body’s lymphatic system helps repair damaged lymph vessels and helps to stimulate drainage and clear waste from under your skin. Anyone stands to benefit from this improvement, having the effect of healthier and brighter skin. When adding it into your routine, ensure you use a good natural cleanser first.

Beauty Isn’t Skin Deep Anymore

Lymphatic skincare may sound like an odd concept, but with clinical evidence to back it up, it’s easy to understand its popularity. Additionally, as the brand’s products treat small areas of swelling caused by poor lymphatic drainage as your body ages, it’s a minimal form of skincare. You can add the brand to any routine and revolutionize your skin’s appearance by brightening it and helping it stay healthy.

Let us know your thoughts down below and share with us if you’ve ever used an IRÄYE product before. We’d love to know if you enjoyed it, or if it’s something you’ve taken out of your skincare routine.

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