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natural body care

What is Natural Body Care?

The average individual uses various body care products daily. Our skin works like a cushion rather than a barricade. Our body ingests many chemicals when we use chemical-based products. A majority of these chemicals are harmful to your skin and even tend to affect your health.

The truth is no one understands how these chemicals impact us with time or how they interact with our bodies when combined. We need to get rid of these chemicals and use natural body care products to solve our skin problems. Let’s take a look at why we should choose natural body care, what benefits it offers, and what chemicals to avoid.

natural body care
Natural body care includes taking care of your skin,
hair and overall health.
Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

Why Use Natural Body Care Products?

Some of us think of wellness with regards to eating a well-balanced meal and exercising. While these are critical, we should also think of the products we use on our skin.  Our skin is the biggest organ of our body, and it absorbs anything we apply to it. Unintentionally, our skin is exposed to various harmful substances on a daily basis. These substances eventually find their way into our system. Choosing natural and organic body care products should be a priority. This will help us lead healthier lives. Here are a few benefits natural body care products offer.

Healthier Skin

Natural skincare products are created with the same organic components as natural foods. No synthetic chemicals, herbicides, or fertilizers are used. Many chemical compounds employed as fillers are more harmful than beneficial. For a few weeks, our skin may appear brighter. However, synthetic chemicals might cause discomfort and lead to skin sensitivity.

This includes higher susceptibility and blocking of pores in the long run. When we use natural body care products, we employ products that function with our system. This helps our skin maintain a good balance and stay healthy.

Better Overall Health

Hormone disrupting compounds are included in many traditional skin products. These include esters, sodium sulfate, and preservatives. Our immunological, sexual, and hormonal systems are all vulnerable to these recognized toxins. The more items we utilize, the higher the number of chemicals that might enter and attack our bodies. This will eventually cause health problems.

Good for the Environment

Natural beauty products are made with organic components. These are cultivated and manufactured in environmentally friendly ways. There is less wastage and pollutants flowing down the line and out into the planet since these products do not include harsh chemicals. When we pick organic beauty products, we’re not only helping our skin and internal wellness, but we’re also helping the earth.


One would be surprised to learn how many cosmetic companies test their product on animals. Many of the industry’s leading brands continue doing so to the disadvantage of the animals being experimented on. The positive thing is organic skincare companies don’t use animals in their research and don’t hurt other living creatures. They are more responsible and compassionate than a lot of synthetic product companies. Organic beauty products are the best option if one opposes animal experimentation and wants to protect wildlife.


Discussing the components of artificial and organic body care products is the most effective method to emphasize the disparities between them. The chemical compositions of the two types of products are so dissimilar; they don’t seem like they belong together. Words like Glyceryl Stearate and Petroleum can be seen on the ingredient list of most manufactured products. These chemicals are created in laboratories, and while they can accomplish their functions, they might be harmful to us.

Organic products, on the contrary, contain components like argan oil, coconut oil, and lemon extract, amongst others. These substances are not toxic to us, and they also provide health benefits. This is because they include Vitamins C, D, and E, alpha-hydroxy acids, and other natural components, which boost the immune system and promote better skin.

Saves Money

We can save a lot of money by switching to organic and natural body care products. Compared to their artificial counterparts, natural and organic products are cost-efficient, mainly because the purity of the components allows us to use less of the product, which implies the product will last longer.

While specific chemical solutions may be less expensive, we will need to utilize more of them to see any effect and continue using them for the effect to last. For example, one needs to apply additional layers of moisturizer as the face and skin get dry. This means one would re-purchase more often than natural products that focus on moisturizing and keeping the skin hydrated for hours.

Chemicals to Avoid

Although beauty encompasses a wide range of products, some substances should be shunned at all costs. Let’s take a look at the most prevalent chemicals to be worried about, along with their damaging effects.


Parabens are a category of preservatives and antibacterial compounds used in cosmetics to inhibit the development of harmful germs and mold. According to studies, parabens resemble oestrogen in the body, and they’ve been linked to sexual organ damage, thyroid disturbance, hormone malignancies, and obesity. The absorption of parabens from cosmetic products have also been related to premature puberty in females.


The phrase ‘fragrance’ is a collective term covering up to 2,000 artificial compounds used to create a cosmetic item that smells good. Fragrances are regarded as a ‘big secret’ and are thus exempt from disclosure. Phthalates are a collection of chemicals used to make materials and goods (hair sprays and nail paints) free-flowing. This helps the scent last longer.

Phthalates are also known to cause damage to children and men’s sexual and endocrine systems. Since we do not even know what chemicals are utilized in these fragrances, the scent could cause allergies and asthmatic episodes on its own. Recently, cosmetic brands such as Unilever and Johnson & Johnson have taken up a pledge to fragrance transparency which is a move in the right direction for large companies.

Ethoxylated Agents

Polyethylene glycols, Toleths, Ceteareths, and Sulphates are examples of ethoxylated agents. Sulfates create foam and lather in products like shampoo. Some sulfates are manufactured, while others are derived from coconut oil, sulfur, and oil sources. Hair products and certain moisturizers and foundation products use Polyethylene compounds as thickeners and softeners.

Since sodium lauryl sulfate is a vigorous cleaner, it affects the hair care industry. It is known to strip our hair of natural moisture, but it is not that harmful to your health.


Formaldehyde, the most well-known preservative in existence, is often included in keratin straightening procedures. These procedures depend on the substance to straighten the hair’s damaged cysteine links. Since formaldehyde (and its derivative) are human carcinogens, they have been removed from many conventional cosmetic items such as nail paint.

Keratin procedures in salons promise to be clean of this preservative as well. They contain chemicals such as formalin, methylene glycol, and methanethiol. These release carcinogenic substances when combined with water during the procedure. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), sore throats, bloody noses, and eye irritation are typical adverse effects.

Refined Petroleum

Mineral oil, also called paraffin, is a petroleum-based moisturizing ingredient. It is commonly included in lip glosses and skincare products. From an ecological standpoint, there are various reasons to shun petroleum-based items. This is because there are specific health issues to be concerned about.  Mineral oil was discovered to be the most prevalent pollutant in the body, according to research conducted in 2011. This was owing to build up with time, potentially from cosmetics. According to a study conducted in 2016, we should reduce the quantity of mineral and petroleum-based chemicals swallowed from ‘beauty lip balms’.


Hydroquinone is a cosmetic bleaching chemical included in skin creams and other products. It is used to cure hyperpigmentation. It’s accessible over the counter at 2% dosages, but prescriptions are required for higher formulations.

The FDA authorized hydroquinone, but it was taken off the market many years ago owing to safety issues. As it turned out, the goods included mercury, and the adverse effects weren’t attributable to the complexion component. Hydroquinone has also been associated with a variety of malignancies. These include lowered immunological responses, aberrant adrenal gland activities, and a skin disease called ochronosis.

How to Choose the Best Natural Body Care Products?

Our body and skin type play a huge role in determining which products suit us best. Our skin type changes with time, and treatments that worked well in our twenties may not be as efficient in our forties. As a result, when selecting products, it’s critical to think about our alternatives and skin requirements. It is essential to conduct research to determine which products are genuinely natural. We should pick products that are devoid of hazardous chemicals. We can use this step-by-step approach to choose the best natural body care products.

An Easier Routine

Don’t be deceived by cosmetic advertisements at the pharmacy and beauty store. There are a plethora of creams, cleansers, body creams, and potions that can’t keep the commitments they make. Believe us when we say that no amount of expensive cosmetics will be able to reverse the effects of aging. Eye lotions, for example, are rarely different from your standard face moisturizer in terms of formulation. Our advice is to keep things simple. All we need is a simple cleanser, moisturizer, toner, body lotion, and sunscreen to maintain healthy skin. Anything else is only meant for decoration.

natural body care
Natural body care doesn’t have to be complex.
It can be as simple as taking time for yourself.
Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Make Certain That ‘Organic’ Means ‘Organic’

Toxic artificial chemicals are the most severe problem in the cosmetic business today. Thus, reading product information with a keen eye is essential. For example, the phrases “organic” and “all-natural” are not authorized labeling terms. It’s necessary to read the fine print at the label’s back since it will give us the most information and show if the product is really organic or natural.

The Fragrance is a No-No

Due to the gap in federal statute, corporations are not required to reveal any of the hundreds of hazardous compounds that might be included in a given product’s scent combination. Artificial scents, which are often made with phthalates. These can cause allergic responses and other health issues. Always pick fragrance-free goods. We should be aware of the unseen hazards that “scent” or “perfume” stated on the ingredients list might bring.

Choose Packaging that is Safe and Biodegradable

Glass is always a good choice. This is because it is recyclable and does not leach contaminants into the item it contains. In plastics, polyethylene terephthalate and the famous high-density polyethylene are the most recognized. They are regarded as acceptable by most recycling programs.

Avoid bottles with the symbol “V,” which stands for polyvinyl chloride, often known as PVC. It is known as “poison plastic” from manufacturing to disposal. It poses significant environmental and health risks. It releases hypochlorite, melanoma dioxins, and other harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, water, and ground during the manufacturing process.

Inquire about the Company’s Core Values

A skincare business is more than just the sum of its items. It’s always about a company’s core principles and ideals. Visiting a company’s website is usually informative. An excellent natural body care firm believes in keeping its customers safe and satisfied.

Weird Trends Shouldn’t Be Followed

Every once in a while, a strange new fad claims to be the antidote for all our skin problems. This only turns out to be plain cruel, for us or the environment. Human and cattle placental extracts are at the pinnacle of the list for bizarre practices, notably since they include a slew of hormones.

Try Using Natural Body Care and Beauty Items

Organic components are cultivated without the use of artificial fertilizers or insecticides. This makes them better for the environment and our health. Certified organic farming practices are better. These go above organic by stressing a far more extensive interaction between the earth, crops, and animals.

Choosing Healthy Will Make You Beautiful From The Inside Out

We don’t need a slew of lotions, exfoliators, or plastic surgeries to get healthy and bright skin. All we need is the appropriate collection of natural body care products to achieve the desired outcomes. Exercise and diet should also be a part of our skincare routine. Be sure to eat lots of essential macronutrients in addition to building up a good sweat. If we want to go natural with our body care, there isn’t a simple solution. Under the “organic” banner, brands may name their products anything they want, so research is vital.

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