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Is There A Transition Period When Changing To Natural Cosmetics?

Changing to the use of natural cosmetics is a bold move. Natural cosmetic products promise unmatched liberation and freedom. It can also be daunting and scary to some extent. While the excitement to kick out commercial and chemical-based cosmetics may have your nerves itching, the transition may take some time. Do not fret; we’ve got your back.

Give It Time

The short answer is yes; it takes some time to adjust once you have decided to go natural fully. You need an observation period to see how your skin reacts to natural cosmetics after a prolonged period of using chemical-laden products.

Making The Transition

The transition does not have to be a daunting one. Follow these tips to make the transition to healthier natural products easier.

natural cosmetics
Adjusting to natural products can take some time, but it’s very rewarding in the end.

Relearn Your Skin Type and Preferences

During this period, relook at your skin type and preferences using a natural lens. You will notice that your skin either secretes more oil or feels drier than usual. There’s no need to worry. It’s your skin’s way of adjusting to the change. We recommend starting with general natural cosmetics as you find out what ingredients work best for your skin type. It is a good idea to start introducing any new products to your routine one-by-one and allow about a week of use, before introducing the next product. This is so that if a reaction occurs, you know which product caused it and can stop using it.

Use Simple Products

You will find many recipes and natural concoctions in the market waiting for you. Our advice is to keep it simple by using only the necessary ones at first. You are in a transitional period, and skipping out on a few products will not set back your routine. For instance, you can go for an all-in-one toner and cleanser to minimize the clutter of dozens of natural cosmetic products on your shelf. Once you’ve allowed your skin time to detox and readjust to natural products, you can start adding more natural products that you may need to your regime – if you want.

Begin With the Familiar

Natural is better, and tested is safer. It will work best for you if you start by using natural cosmetic ingredients that you already know. Aloe vera, shea butter, and coconut oil are common ingredients that serve several purposes and are relatively safe for most skin types. As you read up on other natural ingredients, playing it safe reduces stress on the skin for a smooth crossover.

Read Between the Lines

Natural cosmetics sell fast, and thus the industry is flourishing. Disingenuous dealers want a piece of the success too. When you opt for store-bought cosmetics, treat words like natural, organic and green with a healthy degree of scepticism. Thoroughly go over the ingredients used and only pick a product when completely confident.

Seek Help Where Necessary

Reactions can occur from time to time as your skin adjusts to the new routine. The process may take longer than anticipated. Rather than giving up, seeking help from skincare professionals is a better option. There’s no shame in asking for a hand in picking out the best products for you or interpreting labels. If unpleasant reactions to natural cosmetics persist, don’t hesitate to seek immediate medical attention.

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