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How To Achieve The Best Natural Makeup Looks?

More women are enjoying using products that offer them a natural makeup look. When it comes to applying makeup every day for school and work, women are looking for something that gives them coverage without looking like they’re about to attend a formal function. A natural makeup look is perfect for everyday use and gives you the proper coverage you need without a ton of products. If you want the “I woke up looking like this” look, the natural makeup style is the way to go.

If you are after a more natural look for your makeup routine, follow these tips and advised products for the ultimate natural makeup look.

Achieving The Best Natural Makeup Look

A natural makeup look is all about enhancing your natural features to achieve a beautiful even-toned look without looking like you are wearing anything. To achieve the best natural makeup look, you want to use products that focus on specific areas on your face; your skin, lips, and eyes.

Using products in a subtle way to amplify these features in a natural way that is practical for everyday use. This look gives you plump lips, striking eyes, and even-toned skin without too much effort. Plus, you’ll end up using fewer products, saving more time with your makeup routine in the morning, and it’s super easy to achieve without complicated techniques.

The most vital part of pulling off the natural makeup look is looking after your skin properly to ensure it is cleansed, nourished, and hydrated. Following a natural skincare routine will give you the clean and moisturized skin you need to achieve a natural makeup look.

natural makeup looks
The best natural makeup look starts with beautiful, glowing skin.

Photo by Shiny Diamond
from Pexels

Use A Moisturizer and Sunscreen  

Before applying any foundations or concealers, it is crucial that you use a moisturizer that suits your skin type to give your skin the hydration it needs to look plump and glowing. You should also use a sunscreen specifically created for your face to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

In the long run, using moisturizer and sunscreen daily will protect your skin’s barrier preventing lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation from occurring. By protecting your skin, you can enjoy achieving a natural makeup look for years to come without disguising any facial flaws by using a full coverage look. 

Choosing A Natural Foundation 

Once you have hydrated and protected your skin with moisturizer and sunscreen, it’s time to apply a foundation. If you would like to keep your skin looking as natural as possible, opting for a natural tinted BB cream or CC cream is the ideal product. The bonus of using these is that most BB and CC creams on the market come with an SPF formula already included.

If you want to use a foundation for your natural makeup look, a liquid foundation offers a more natural look. When choosing your natural foundation, always select one that will suit your skin type – dry, normal, oily, sensitive, or a combination. Go for a foundation that will give you light or medium coverage. If you go for a full coverage foundation, it will look like you are wearing makeup which defies the natural aspect.

To apply the foundation, rather start with a little amount first – less is always more – you can always add a little more afterward if it isn’t enough. Use your fingers, brush, or sponge to lightly blend the foundation all over your skin. Focus on jaw, ears, and hairline when blending to make sure that the foundation is blended in properly. 

Using Concealer Or Powder 

If you would like to use concealer, make sure that you choose a natural concealer that matches your foundation. So if your foundation is matte, choose a matte concealer. Or if your foundation is dewy, choose a dewy concealer. Sparingly use your concealer to brighten up the dark circles under or eyes or any problem spots that you would like to conceal on your face. After that, you can use a natural setting powder to add extra brightness and keep your natural makeup looking fresh all day.

Whether you use a concealer or not, for an extra glow and hydrating brightness to your skin, apply a natural illuminator that adds a natural glow and shine to your skin. 

A Subtle Blush Color For Your Cheeks 

Now for a touch of color; a light and subtle blush color gives you the healthy, vibrant rosy cheek look that you need to achieve the natural makeup look. Choose a natural blush that suits your cheek color. It may be light pink, peachy, or deeper mauve color.

Once you have chosen the right blush that complements your natural cheek color, lightly apply the blush to your cheekbones. Add a little bit to enhance your cheeks but not too much; if you have applied a little bit too much, use the brush or sponge you used for your foundation to lightly go over it to hide some of the blush.

Something For The Lips 

The lips are one of the main areas of achieving the natural makeup look. Looking after your lips is also an essential part of your natural skincare routine. Use a natural lip scrub to remove dead skin and plump your lips up. Use a natural lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and smooth all day long.

For the natural makeup look, don’t use lipstick that will be noticeable. Fortunately, using a lip scrub and moisturizer for your lips amplifies your lip’s natural color. To boost your lip’s natural color, use nude lipgloss or lipstick to add an extra dimension to your natural makeup look. 

Nude Eyeshadow 

Eyeshadow is not vital for achieving the natural makeup look, but if you would like to add a little bit extra, nude eyeshadows suit all skin types and eye colors. Neutral nude colors like peachy hues and beigey browns add a lovely element to your look without being noticeable.

natural makeup looks
Adding a new lipstick and nude eyeshadows complete a natural glowing look.

Let The Natural You Shine! 

Everyone enjoys a bit of coverage to make us feel confident and comfortable in our skin. For many women, we don’t want to spend hours every day doing a full glamorous look for work or university. The ultimate natural makeup look that shouts, “I wake up looking like this,” will save you time, protect your skin, and give you the coverage you need for daily use. Are you into the natural makeup look? Let us know what you like in the comments below.

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