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organic bath bombs

What Are Organic Bath Bombs?

Organic bath bombs are a popular beauty product, offering an easy way to help your skin while you bathe. There are several benefits to these powdery balls, such as moisturizing or lightly cleansing your skin. However, the main reason to use any bath bomb is that they’re fun.

Bath bombs dissolve into the water of your bathtub, offering a new color to the water and a pleasant, fragrant aroma to help you relax. While these dissolvables provide a relaxing experience and benefit your skin, there are necessary precautions to take. Overusing bath bombs, especially for ladies, can have negative side effects.

What Is an Organic Bath Bomb?

An organic bath bomb is generally a tiny sphere of dissolvable powder you place into your bathtub’s water. The powder mixes with the water, bringing in new therapeutic properties, a pleasant aroma, and a change of water color.

Bath bombs can come in all shapes and sizes, from spheres to stars or cubes. As many unique combinations result in a wide array of colors, bath bombs are famous for more than just skincare.

Generally, the dissolving reaction of a bath bomb is caused by baking soda and citric acid that react when in the presence of water.

organic bath bombs

Organic bath bombs can transform your bathtime routine into a pampering and relaxing experience.

Why Should I Use Organic Bath Bombs?

There are many reasons to use an organic bath bomb, aside from the simple pleasure of watching it fizz away. Here are some of the best reasons to use an organic bath bomb.

Easy to Use

Bath bombs are one of the most straightforward products to use. All you need is a bath, some warm water, and one of the many variants of this dissolvable sphere. Place the bath bomb in your bath’s water, watch as it dissolves, and enjoy the relaxing aroma. When you’re done, the bathwater drains away with any remnant of the bomb as well, making it just as easy to clean as it is to use.

No Toxic Ingredients

Organic bath bombs contain no toxic chemicals which are known to dry out and damage your skin. Many organic options use essential oils, shea butter, and other natural ingredients.

Great for Your Skin

Organic bath bombs are one of the easiest ways to add a little bit of skincare to your day. Relaxing in a bathtub with one of these allows your skin to moisturize and aids in any damaged areas. This moisturization leaves your skin feeling supple and softer after your time in the bath.

Natural Aroma

Unlike mass-produced chemically made bath bombs, an organic option holds a very gentle and pleasant smell. As all the ingredients used are organic, you’ll experience a faint but natural aroma to accompany you in the bathtub. The aroma and skin benefits combined make organic bath bombs one of the best additions to your relaxing evening.

Eases Pain

You can even buy organic bath bombs that help with aches and pains. Certain bath bombs contain ingredients like epsom salts and CBD oil which are known to help relax muscles and eleviate aches and pains. In combination with the warm water, this is a winning combination.

How Do Organic Bath Bombs Work?

Organic bath bombs are packed with great ingredients that benefit your skin and release a relaxing aroma. The bombs dissolve in water due to a chemical reaction between the components.

Once dissolved, the bath bomb’s ingredients mix with the water, allowing you to soak in a tub full of colored water. As your skin soaks up the nutrients within the bath bomb, the gentle aroma will help you relax.

How to Use an Organic Bath Bomb

Using your organic bath bomb is simple. If you don’t want to prepare anything, all you need is a tub, some water, and one of your favorite bath bombs. Let it dissolve in water, climb in, relax, and you’ll enjoy the aroma. However, if you want a more luxurious experience, here’s how:

Arranging the Setting

Setting the scene for a relaxing soak in the bathtub is a great way to enhance the experience of the bath bomb. Begin by cleaning the room, placing a few candles and grabbing a good book or magazine. Fresh towels, a snug robe, and a comfortable mat once you climb out will heighten the pampering atmosphere.

organic bath bombs

Combine organic bath bombs with candles, soft music and your favorite book or magazine for the best experience.

Using the Bomb

Once you’re ready, place the bath bomb into the tub, watching as it fizzes and dissolves into the water. Upon climbing in, you’ll notice the pleasing aroma and coloration of the water. Grab your book or magazine carefully so as not to get it wet, and start relaxing in the tub.

Caution Advised

Organic bath bombs are generally safe to use and have no adverse effects. However, for women, any bath bomb always possesses a minimal risk of causing skin irritation near the pelvic and female region. Avoiding artifical glitter bath bombs or ones with heavily added fragrances will reduce the risk of any adverse side effects.

You can patch test an organic bath bomb for allergies or irritations by dissolving a tiny bit in some water and rubbing it on the inside of your elbow. Within 48 hours, you’ll see if it causes any adverse reaction.

It is only recommended to use a bath bomb once a week. These should be considered a pamper product, rather than an everyday essential. Keep your bath bombs for those times when you’ve had a really tough day and just need some me-time.

Blowing up the Bathtub

Organic bath bombs are a great item to keep stocked in your bathroom. The small dissolvable spheres are ideal for after any long day when you need to relax. After your bath, you’ll feel fresh, and your skin will be hydrated. Additionally, there’ll be no mess to clean as it all washes away with your bathwater. Leave a comment and tell us what your most interesting organic bath bomb was and what color it made the water.

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