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8 Benefits of Pure Vitamin E Oil

Did you know that vitamin E oil is not a single vitamin like the name suggests? It’s a collection of fat-soluble vitamins with antioxidant properties. It can be applied to the skin directly or mixed into lotions, gels, and almost any other product. I don’t know about you, but I use pure vitamin E oil on a daily basis. 

I use it in my bath water as an extra moisturizer for my skin, hair, and nails. I apply it to my face instead of a cosmetic serum to reduce aging and skin discoloration. I even take vitamin E capsules as part of my dietary supplements, as it has numerous benefits!

If you want to know why I am so obsessed with and swear by vitamin E oil. Keep reading and see what this natural product can do for you.  

Vitamin C oil can have numerous skincare benefits such as reducing the signs of aging, scarring, and more.
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The Basics of Vitamin E Oil

Because it is administered directly to the skin, vitamin E oil differs from vitamin E pills. Manufacturers differ in their concentrations, and some users just open vitamin E capsules and apply the contents directly to their skin. Vitamin E oil is found in many skincare products, particularly those that claim to have anti-aging properties.

Vitamin E oil taken orally may help prevent heart disease, improve immune function and eye health, reduce inflammation, and lower the risk of cancer. However, because the data on these advantages is mixed, the benefits of Vitamin E oil are primarily seen as cosmetic.

The Benefits of Pure Vitamin E Oil

The potential advantages of vitamin E oil stem from two factors: its antioxidant qualities, which may fight inflammation and reduce the effects of free radicals, and its moisturizing characteristics. Some of the alleged advantages of vitamin E oil include:

Skin Hydration

Many moisturizers include vitamin E, and the oil can be used on its own as a moisturizer to prevent or cure dry, peeling skin.

Healing of Wounds

According to some studies, vitamin E supplementation may aid in wound healing. Pure vitamin E oil applied topically may have comparable advantages.

Reduced Skin Irritation

Vitamin E may help relieve irritated skin, including eczema. Although vitamin E cannot cure allergic responses, infections, or other conditions that cause skin itching, it can provide temporary relief from irritation caused by dry skin since it hydrates the skin. Keeping skin moisturized can help to avoid dry skin and relieve symptoms like itching.

Scar Prevention or Scar Minimization

Scars may be treated or prevented by applying vitamin E to the skin, taking it as a supplement, or doing both. Using it as a moisturizer may be beneficial while the wound heals or after the wound has healed.

Treatment for Eczema

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, causes dryness, itching, or peeling of the skin. One study discovered that oral vitamin E tablets might significantly alleviate eczema symptoms. Though vitamin E oil has not been extensively researched in treating eczema, it may improve the efficacy of topical moisturizers.

Treatment for Psoriasis

At least one research study found that using topical vitamin E reduced psoriasis symptoms. However, the benefits of vitamin E on psoriasis were not as effective as other commonly used medications. People with moderate psoriasis who prefer to avoid prescription medications may benefit from vitamin E oil.

Treating Sunburn

According to research, vitamin E helps prevent or lessen the production of mild sunburns. Vitamin E oil may assist with acne because it hydrates and soothes dry, flaking skin, thus alleviating sunburn stinging and itching. 

However, it does not prevent sunburn. Thus, using sunscreen and avoiding direct sun exposure are the best ways to protect the skin. Vitamin E oil only decreases the after effects of sun exposure.

Stronger Nails

Vitamin E supplementation may help prevent peeling, cracked, or yellowing nails. The moisturizing properties of vitamin E oil may also improve nail health by avoiding broken cuticles and dry skin surrounding the nail bed.

Pure Vitamin E Oil May Be Your Skin’s New Best Friend

Vitamin E oil and vitamin E-containing products can be purchased online and at natural health stores. Before using vitamin E oil (or any other product), always do a patch test first to check for allergies. Wait 48 hours after applying a small amount of the oil to a small patch of skin. If there is no negative response, you may be certain that you are not allergic to the product. 

You may also try adding a few drops of vitamin E oil to any of your existing skincare products. Leave a comment and let me know what you use your vitamin E oil for, or ask a question if you’d like us to give you more detail on anything I have or have not mentioned. You can also check out our blog for a plethora of tips, info, and tricks on natural beauty and how it can change your life.  

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