rose water

The Benefits Of Rose Water In Beauty Products

Rosewater has been used for many years in the Middle East for various reasons. In fact, during the seventeenth century roses and their byproducts were in such high demand that rose water was used as legal tender in parts of Europe. Whether it be foods, drinks, or cosmetic usage, rose water has a beautiful floral fragrance that anyone would love to include in their daily routine, especially skincare.

rose water
Rose water can be used in many different ways in a natural skincare regime.
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How Is Rose Water Made?

Rosewater is a liquid made by simmering rose petals and distilling them. The distillation process of rose petals is used to derive essential oil, and rose water is one of the byproducts of this distillation process. This distillation process pushes steam through the flower petals, the steam is caught in a special chamber where it condensates and collects in a tube or container. As the particles reform, the oil content and water content will separate leaving you with rose essential oil and rose water.

Rose Water for Hair and Skin Benefits

Rosewater has great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial traits that can be of a healing effect on the skin. It reduces the redness of irritated skin, whether it’s caused by acne, dermatitis, or eczema. It also helps get rid of dirt and oil trapped in clogged pores which reduces the appearance of acne. Moisturizing the skin is another major benefit of rose water, along with regenerating skin cell tissues.

The same applies to the hair, where the moisturizing properties in rose water help nourish and improve the hair’s appearance. It also treats minor scalp inflammation and gets rid of dandruff as a result.

Here are a few more benefits of using rose water in natural skincare products:

  • Promotes skin healing
  • Slows the aging process
  • Astringent/cleaning properties

Other health benefits of rose water:

  • Soothes a sore throat
  • Rose water has a calming effect
  • Can be used to flavor food and drinks such as Turkish Delight

Rose Water Is Ideal As a Toner

If you’re wondering what the ideal skincare product is to incorporate rose water into, it’s toner. While using other products such as moisturizer and lotions with rose water added is not a bad thing, when it comes to toner, rose water can be used on its own without adding any other ingredients.

Many people ignore that toning the skin is an essential step in our daily skincare routine. A healthy skincare routine is not just about cleansing and applying the right creams on our bodies, but it’s about toning our skin on a daily basis. Toning and cleansing is often confused as being the same thing when the process is completely different. . 

A toner removes the oils, dirt, and debris which the cleanser couldn’t remove. It also shrinks the pores and prepares the skin for any additional moisturizing and makeup that will be applied.

Pure rosewater works as a good toner since it cleanses the skin thoroughly and maintains its ph balance at the same time. Due to its acidic characteristic, it can get to the deepest pores of the skin and remove excess oils, and if used for a long time, it will prevent blackhead and acne problems.

The good thing about using natural rose water is that it does not dry out the skin like other chemical toners that destroy the skin’s healthy PH balance.

Other Rose Water Benefits

Spoil yourself like  royalty by adding rose water or oil into your bath. Little drops of this naturally scented liquid will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. It is also considered  a natural destresser due to the smell that gives you a calming effect all day. You can spray it onto your neck, behind the ears, and wrist and enjoy the destress effect as long as it lasts.

Final Thoughts

Rose water is a natural ingredient with one of those special qualities of suiting all skin types. To have the greatest  benefits of this amazing natural product, it is advised to buy only pure distilled rose water. You can get it from organic natural ingredient shops, or you can make it at home.

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