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9 Amazing Vitamin E Oil Benefits On The Skin

Vitamin oils are widely considered magic potions for skin due to their numerous benefits. This article looks at the Vitamin E oil benefits on the skin. For years this oil has been used as nourishment and a treatment agent for various skin conditions. But, exactly how does it benefit your skin? Well, let’s look at a few of the Vitamin E oil benefits and how this natural ingredient improves your skin.

Vitamin E Oil Benefits in Your Skincare Routine

1. Its Antioxidant Properties Reduce UV Damage

Vitamin E oil is made of several fat-soluble vitamins with potent antioxidant ingredients. Ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate deep into the skin layers. This introduces free radicals that could attack our body cells.

Due to its antioxidizing properties to penetrate the skin layers, this oil keeps these molecules from damaging our body cells and the skin. This significantly lowers the risk of skin cancer and other skin conditions caused by free radicals.

2. Makes the Skin Look and Feel Younger

Even if aging is a natural process, we would all like to keep our faces free of wrinkles for as long as possible. Lucky for us, one of the Vitamin E oil benefits include making the skin look younger.

3. It Lightens Age Spots

As age catches up, the skin cannot produce enough collagen to keep the skin stretched or counter the melanin in its layers. This melanin is especially visible around the areas with loose skin which is where age spots tend to develop first. 

This oil boosts collagen production in the body to replace skin cells faster, leading to firm skin. Collagen also neutralizes the melanin lightening the skin.

vitamin e oil benefits

Vitamin E oil benefits include lightening age spots, treating eczema and psoriasis, protecting against free radicals and more.

4. Helps to Treat Blemishes and Acne Scars

Many spot correcting treatments contain Vitamin E and other ingredients. This oil works well to neutralize all the environmental stressors on your skin that spur acne and blemishes. Using Vitamin E oil topically can help heal acne scars and blemishes, easing your path to clear skin. 

However, dermatologists note that Vitamin E is not a cure-all for acne. They also advise against using Vitamin E oil for surgical wounds or open cuts. It’s therefore helpful to be cautious when applying this oil.

5. Relieves Eczema in Some People

Eczema brings a lot of discomfort through itchiness and flaky skin. While Vitamin E is not a cure for eczema, it provides relief through its hydrating properties. This oil can penetrate beyond the skin’s surface, so it lasts longer as a moisturizer. Having your skin well hydrated alleviates the symptoms of eczema.

6. Fights Psoriasis

Using this oil topically has shown positive signs against psoriasis. A recent study on its use in cases with psoriasis goes even further to show no harmful side effects after use. This study notes that Vitamin E oil, even after repeated use, doesn’t have the same effect as already existing treatments.

Therefore, it is recommended to people who would like to stay away from prescriptions and treat the condition naturally. Using it to manage mild psoriasis can be quite helpful.

7. Soothes Dry Skin

Vitamin E oil is already used in many moisturizers to soothe or prevent flaky skin. As vitamin E is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it efficiently soothes irritated skin when applied to the affected area and restores its natural form. Including vitamin E oil in your skincare regimen also prevents dryness by locking in moisture for longer.

8. Clears Out Dirt in the Skin Pores

As we engage in daily activities, our skin pores will inevitably get clogged by environmental pollutants, including pollen, dust particles, and free radicals from ultraviolet rays.  

Therefore we need a solid emollient to clean this out.

Vitamin E oil effectively penetrates the skin pores for a thorough cleaning. With just a few drops, your skin pores will be open and breathing again.

9. Helps to Clear Stretch Marks

Over time, our skin gets loose due to natural factors and aging, and this shows on the surface. Topical use of this oil goes a long way in regenerating skin cells that tighten the skin tissue. It’s been observed that stretch marks drastically lighten with regular use.

vitamin e oil benefitsThe addition of Vitamin E oil in skincare isn’t new and has many benefits for younger looking, glowing skin.

It’s Worth A Shot

Clearly there are many Vitamin E oil benefits for the skin. Its anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties are outstanding in managing several skin conditions and preventing their occurrence. Topical use of this oil also acts as a naturally exfoliating and moisturizing agent.

This makes it a worthy addition to consider for your skincare routine. Besides cleaning your skin and leaving it properly hydrated, Vitamin E oil can help you beat aging. While aging is inevitable, you can still maintain your glow even as the years pass by. 

Cautious use is encouraged even with its numerous benefits, especially when treating skin conditions. It’s wise to consult a dermatologist before using it as a cure.

Happy skin nourishment! We would be glad if you also share your experience.

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